Produced from sustainable cellulose fibre, Valida nanocellulose responds to a critical need to replace undesirable products, used to impart performance characteristics such as reinforcement and stabilisation, with sustainable natural ingredients.

Across the globe, consumers are seeking more natural ingredients that make them feel good about themselves and their environmental footprint. Although the demand is clear, companies still struggle to find a suitable replacement that provides viscosity and other benefits associated with artificial compounds.

Sappi Valida provides an alternative solution to support a more sustainable lifecycle and is compatible with a diverse range of applications such as:

With Valida we use innovative technology to contribute to a thriving world through reliable and relevant solutions by extracting more value from each tree. As we focus on creating value for our shareholders from relevant, sustainable woodfibre products, we take cognisance of our impact on the planet and our stakeholders to ensure that all benefit in the long term.

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What is Valida?

Valida is a renewable material - natural cellulose, the most abundant organic material on earth. Valida contains the smallest component of cellulose - cellulose fibrils. Dispersed in water, cellulose fibrils form an extensive network through hydrogen bonding and mechanical entanglement. The formed network stabilises particles in suspension and oil-in-water emulsions without an emulsifier.

Valida's rheology properties

Valida has a high viscosity at rest and is extremely shear thinning. Valida is also thixotropic; when the shear is removed, viscosity is quickly restored. This is what makes Valida so versatile for many applications.

We are known for our challenge-driven innovation in natural solutions and are continously looking for strategic partnerhips in the quest for a sustainable future. We believe the best ideas and innovations spring from diverse partnerships, so we invite you to help us accelerate meaningful change!
Sappi Valida Team

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General T's and C's of sale 

Sappi Valida is compatible with a diverse range of applications such as cosmetics, coatings, agriculture and construction materials. Explore them here.

With the significant increase in consumption of hand sanitisers, we are excited to introduce Sappi’s Valida natural cellulose product for the formulation of more skin- and planet-friendly solutions.
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Valida is a renewable material that performs as an opacifier and stabiliser for a wide range of cosmetic applications as well as supporting a sustainable lifecycle.
Valida performs as a multifunctional stabilizer reducing segregation and bleeding in concrete and concrete admixtures.
Sappi Valida performs as a multifunctional stabiliser with low impact on viscosity in a wide range of coating applications while supporting a sustainable lifecycle.
Valida Barley seed
Biobased and biodegradable stabiliser and film former in dust-off control.