Sappi Valida in coatings

Sappi Valida performs as a multifunctional stabiliser with low impact on viscosity in a wide range of coating applications while supporting a sustainable lifecycle.

Across the globe, paint and coatings manufacturers and formulators are seeking natural raw materials that can guarantee the quality and the performance of paints while meeting the new stringent VOC regulations to ensure a safer environment for consumers.

Althought the demand is clear, companies still struggle to find a suitable replacement that provides improved rheology modification, stability and other benefits associated with artificial compounds.

That's where Sappi Valida comes in. Valida is a fibrillated cellulose, 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable material. Valida can be used as a sustainable alternative solution to artificial compounds used in paint and coatings and offers unique benefits:

  • Valida performs as a multifunctional stabiliser
  • Valida has a low impact on viscosity in a wide range of coatings applications
  • Valida's 100% natural, biodegradable properties supports a more sustainable product lifecycle

Valida can be used in coatings applications such as pigments' slurry, waterborne decor coating, waterborne wood coating, stone paint/multicolour paint, insulation coating, decorative plaster, silica paint - silicate mineral paint, thick coating layer, intumescent/fire-resistant coating. Watch the video here.

Valida's Rheology Properties

Valida has a high viscosity at rest and is extremely shear thinning. Valida is also thixotropic; when the shear is removed, viscosity is quickly restored.

Valida enhances quality and sustainability in waterborne interior wall paint

Valida in a waterborne exterior wall paint

In exterior waterborne paints, Valida can replace a synthetic additive such as HEUR (Hydrophobically modified Urethane), while optimising anti-sagging leveling, enhacing dry coverage ratio, improving in-can stability as well as dry scratch resistance.

Valida in waterborne primer coating

In primer coating formulations, Valida allows the paint to achieve increased mechanical strength without sacrificing the flexibility of the coating.

Valida delivers robust performance

Valida delivers robust performance in high electrolyte concentrations, PH and (largely) polar solvents.

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Sappi Valida nanocellulose responds to a critical need to replace undesirable products, used to impart performance characteristics such as reinforcement and stabilisation, with sustainable natural ingredients. Valida is compatible with a diverse range of applications such as cosmetics, coatings, agriculture and construction materials.

Sappi Valida is compatible with a diverse range of applications such as cosmetics, coatings, agriculture and construction materials. Explore them here.

Find our Sappi Valida brochures, data sheets and other material here.