Sappi Valida in concrete

Valida performs as a multifunctional stabiliser reducing segregation and bleeding in concrete and concrete admixtures.

Across the globe, concrete and concrete admixtures manufacturers, and forumulators are seeking natural raw materials that can guarantee the performance of concrete while improving workability and reducing the carbon footprint.

Although the demand is clear, companies still struggle to find a suitable replacement that provides improved rheology modification, stability and other benefits associated with artificial compounds.

That's where Sappi Valida comes in. Valida is a fibrillated cellulose, 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable material.

Valida can be used in concrete applications that include, ordinary concrete, ultra-high performance concrete, smart-dynamic concrete, self-compacting concrete and concrete admixtures.  

The benefits of using Sappi Valida in concrete and concrete admixtures include:

  • Valida's ability to act as a multifunctional stabiliser, reducing segregation and bleeding
  • Valida keeps the rheology of the formulation under control, improving viscosity
  • Valida facilitates the workability and pumpability of formulations
  • Valida supports a more sustainable lifecycle

Valida dispersion guidance

A good dispersion of Valida is critical to utilise its full benefits. We recommend introducing Valida with water, HRWR and/or other VMA's and start mixing before adding the cementitious binder and the aggregates.

Application examples

Valida in Smart Dynamic Concrete
Smart Dynamic Concrete (SDC) shows self-compacting properties at lower amounts of cementitious material without undesirable effects.

Stability: Segregation and bleeding
Valida improves aggregate stability, reduces slump flow, segregation and bleeding phenomena.

Valida as an early stage strength enhancer

Valida reinforces concrete and signficantly improves compressive and flexural strength.

Valida's robust performance

Valida delivers robust performance in high electrolyte concentrations, pH and (largely) polar solvents.

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Sappi Valida nanocellulose responds to a critical need to replace undesirable products, used to impart performance characteristics such as reinforcement and stabilisation, with sustainable natural ingredients. Valida is compatible with a diverse range of applications such as cosmetics, coatings, agriculture and construction materials.
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Sappi Valida is compatible with a diverse range of applications such as cosmetics, coatings, agriculture and construction materials. Explore them here.