Southern Africa


An uncoated paper for metallization. Designed for food packaging applications.

One side double coated high glossy MGBK paper. Designed for wrapper applications, such as coffee wrapper.

One side single coated glossy MGBK paper for all printing types. Designed for flat bags, wrappers and banderoles.

A pioneering solution has been developed to convert cellulose fibre-rich waste from pulp and paper mill operations into ethanol using a specialised fermentation process. Ethanol is a versatile starting material that finds diverse application in the production of industrial chemicals, bio-based plastics and sustainable aviation fuel.

A premium paperboard with full coated top side and lick coated reverse side. It combines strength, functionality and printability in one package.

Mankele challenge
The Sappi Mankele Challenge, an annual highlight on the cycling calendar in Mpumalanga prior to COVID, has been revived.
Sappi Southern Africa has achieved GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) 2020 certification for Pelletin, one of its lignin-based products used as an additive in animal feed manufacturing.

One side double coated wet-strength paper for wet glue label application, such as returnable beverage bottles.

Commenting on the group’s results, Sappi Chief Executive Officer Steve Binnie said: “Within the context of ongoing challenging global macroeconomic conditions and weak paper markets I am pleased that the group delivered EBITDA of US$156 million, which was in line with guidance provided in the prior quarter.”

One side single coated gloss paper with sealable coating on the reverse side. Designed for standard flexible packaging in the food and non-food markets, which requires heat sealing properties (primary and secondary packaging).