We act as responsible stewards of water resources, reducing our water consumption and improving the quality of water we return to the environment. Read about our progress in Europe in 2021.
Sappi Europe_decarbonisation project Maastricht
As part of a long-term global commitment to sustainability and climate protection, Sappi is actively planning the extensive modernisation of the current steam generation boiler at its Maastricht Mill in the Netherlands.
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Carmignano Mill
In the next two years Sappi will be investing a sum in the low double-digit millions to expand its Centre of Excellence for speciality papers at its facility in Carmignano, northern Italy
Sappi Europe will increase prices for its Graphic Paper and Board products (Coated and Uncoated Fine paper, Coated Mechanical paper and Paperboard) by approximately 8% effective on deliveries from 1 April.
Sappi Europe informs customers of further unavoidable price adjustments to its Speciality Paper grades.
Commenting on the group’s results, Sappi Chief Executive Officer Steve Binnie said: “I am very pleased with an excellent performance from the group. We outperformed the guidance provided at the end of the last quarter with EBITDA at US$240 million, a 36% increase over the prior quarter (US$177 million) and more than double the equivalent quarter last year (US$98 million). Robust market demand in all product segments combined with the implementation of higher sales prices facilitated the growth and offset rising costs. This achievement was despite logistics and transport bottlenecks, as well as significant increases in energy, pulp and other raw materials.”
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How can the issue of recycling be advanced? And why does Europe still need to catch up on topics such as “defining recyclability” and “test methods”? Find out more in the latest episode of Sappi's Blue Couch Series

A paper-based packaging solution containing materials that are resource-efficient and renewable while maintaining premium print performance and grease resistance.

One side double coated MGBK paper for tipping paper applications.