Earth Kind

We’re doing everything we can to be kind to our planet.

Our plantations help reduce carbon which in turn combats global warming.

We grow our trees without irrigation or pesticides.

We plant more trees than we use and we do not harvest any indigenous forests.

We use as much of every tree as we can; the fibre is used for pulp and paper and the waste provides us with energy.

Day by day, one step at a time, we’re doing more and more.

To inspire a better life.

To be earth kind - Sappi's Earth Kind mark is a fresh visible, simple and relevant icon that captures the essence of Sappi's (and Typek brand’s) approach to sustainability and corporate citizenship. The Earth Kind symbol is a heart symbolising humanity, placed inside an orb shape that depicts the earth, encompassing nature and the people who inhabit it. It represents Sappi’s journey as a profitable company delivering value to its stakeholders and communities while minimising its impacts on the environment.
Our planet
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