Enhancing the power of print with OctoBoost

While the demand for print is decreasing, customers’ expectations are also on the rise. Enter OctoBoost, powered by Sappi.

OctoBoost is a high-tech cloud-based digital solution that delivers drastic cost reductions. An intuitive-to-operate e-commerce module, it enables any print company to set up user-friendly, attractive web stores very easily thereby increasing order intake. Other advantages include: 

  • Reduced planning time
  • Greater planning flexibility which enables last-minute orders
  • Ganging multiple jobs on single sheets means up to 40% fewer printing plates 
  • Automated splitting of gang forms using OctoBoost saves between 5 and 10 minutes per form 
  • Fewer gang forms increase available print capacity by up to 22%

Enhancing print power, productivity and profits


With OctoBoost, printers achieve an average saving of 5% of company sales.

Sprinting ahead

If your online print journey is already advanced and you need no web-to-print solution – OctoSprint is the answer. The product is distributed exclusively by Sappi and the OctoBoost team through a flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Supporting the digital transformation process

Our aim is to support print companies as they undergo the process of digital transformation and ensure that print remains a successful component of the media mix in the future.

Interested in savings?

Learn more at www.octoboost.com