Histoire de l’entreprise

Sappi celebrates 80 years of intentional change.

Behind our 80-year history, celebrated in 2016, is a tale of how a traditional pulp and paper company has evolved to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Our story speaks of an evolutionary journey that has driven our transformation as a global manufacturer into a diversified business with woodfibre at our core.

Back in time, an historic moment occurred when South African Pulp and Paper Industries Limited was established on 17 December 1936. Our name was soon abbreviated to 'SA Pulp', which later became commonly known as Sappi.

From the start, our initial hopes of manufacturing paper from straw at our first mill, Enstra in Springs, east of Johannesburg, sowed the seeds for an 'intentional evolution' – a purposeful effort to gradually adapt and transform in line with market requirements and best practice to ensure a sustainable future.

This resilient approach became part of our DNA. Today, Sappi is a diverse business, with operating units and sales offices on six continents and customers in over 150 countries. And we have a promising future.

As the world is changing, so are we. Our journey is one of ongoing, purposeful change to retain our foothold as a world leader and influential market player in our areas of expertise.
Steve Binnie, Chief Executive Officer, Sappi Limited

The past eight decades have been marked by evolutionary change and transformation. Given our focus on diversification and profitable growth, the next 80 years and beyond will undoubtedly continue in the same vein.

Growth beyond pulp and paper increases profits
Good news for investors is that more profitable growth is expected, as we continue our intentional efforts to diversify and transform in line with changing markets. Graphic paper, best known for use in offices and in glossy magazines, is no longer our only forte. We are also the world leader in the production of dissolving pulp for use in the manufacture of viscose staple fibre (VSF). We are a force to be reckoned with in the global packaging and speciality paper market (ranging from labels to flexible packaging, silicone base paper, liner applications, grease proof paper and the use of release paper as a cast in the production of synthetic leather).

More recently, we have become involved in another exciting product segment in the pursuit of new business opportunities in the broader woodfibre field. In 2014, we patented a world-first, low-cost process for the production of nanocellulose (cellulose fibres from wood, on an ultra small nano level). This is a groundbreaking new scientific field with untapped potential in a market that is yet to be fully explored.

On another 'new business' level, we are exploring various energy opportunities through the use of biomass as a fuel source to counter the use of fast depleting fossil fuels and the related issue of CO₂ emissions.

Nos activités mondiales s’étendent sur trois continents. Nous vendons des millions de tonnes de produits de haute qualité à des clients du monde entier.
Sappi, c’est beaucoup plus que du papier! Nos produits sont utilisés dans des milliers d’applications, du papier et de l’emballage aux textiles et stratifiés.

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Découvrez les valeurs qui nous guident dans nos pratiques quotidiennes, qui éclairent nos décisions et qui nous orientent dans nos plans stratégiques pour l’avenir.
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Sappi has almost 12,500 employees in over 20 countries and manufacturing operations on three continents. Learn more about our locations around the world.