From our Africa office we manage sales of our high-quality paper products throughout East, West and Southern Africa, as well as the Indian Ocean Islands.

With a number of pulp and paper mills in the region, we can offer our customers a wide range of quality paper products. From coated and uncoated woodfree and mechanical papers to packaging products and speciality paper, we have a number of options available to meet various requirements.

Our printing and publishing paper can be relied upon to produce exceptional results, which is why it's often used for high-end products such as magazines, catalogues, and advertising material. We also supply business paper that's perfect for the creation of forms, stationery, photocopy paper and office paper.

Make designs spring to life with our speciality release paper - ideal for creating textures and manufacturing synthetic leather and decorative laminate products. We also offer a range of speciality products, such as flexpack and technical paper, kraft paper, label paper, packaging paper, security paper and tissue wadding.

Sappi Trading Africa (Pty) Ltd
Tony Pires
General Manager
108 Oxford Road
2198 Johannesburg
South Africa
+27 (0)11 407 8111
Sappi Papier Holding GmbH
Juddy Njoroge
Branch Manager
Kenya Branch Office - East Africa
Longonot Place, 7th Floor
Kijabe Street
00800 Nairobi
+254 20 224 0946
+254 20 224 0938
Sappi Papier Holding GmbH
Floriane Lestrehan
Sales Manager
Vienna Branch Office - West Africa, North Africa and Middle East
Alserstrasse 21
1080 Vienna
+43 (0)1 526 91 2238
+43 (0)1 526 76 7514
Notre division commerciale États des Andes – Amérique du Sud gère la vente et la distribution de nos produits en Colombie, en Équateur, au Pérou, en Bolivie et au Venezuela.
Notre division Australasie est basée à Sydney et collabore avec des clients en Australie et en Nouvelle-Zélande pour commercialiser les produits Sappi dans la région.
Ce bureau collabore avec les clients pour fournir des produits en Amérique centrale, dans les Caraïbes et dans certaines régions d’Amérique du Sud.
Ce bureau de vente international fournit les produits Sappi aux clients du Brésil, de l’Argentine, du Chili, du Paraguay et de l’Uruguay.
Obtenez les coordonnées de nos bureaux de vente régionaux pour la vente de papiers intercalaires en Amérique du Sud et en Amérique centrale, en Afrique subsaharienne, en Asie et en Australasie.