A responsible solution

There is a global movement to limit or eliminate solvent-based casting systems in order to reduce chemical waste and pollution.

Sappi has invested in chemistry and technology to create the industry's first premium high-fidelity casting paper compatible with solvent-free systems – Ultracast Viva.  It’s the answer for customers looking for more responsible solutions.

Setting the standard for high-fidelity textures 

Performance improvements include reduced curl, increased reusability and easier handling with expanded temperature limits for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), semi-polyurethane (PU) and 100% PU including aqueous PU chemistry. 


Early adopters have reported:

  • Flatter laying paper
  • More reuse
  • Easier release properties 
  • Improved operations and operator satisfaction, and
  • Consistent quality and high efficiency.


Ultracast Viva is an industry first