Sappi North America Product CoC Claim Options

When you commit to a print or packaging campaign, you should be confident in your supplier’s approach to sustainability.

That’s why we take a holistic view of our environmental responsibilities—from harvest through manufacturing, distribution, end use and disposal. From beginning to end, we infuse environmental and social responsibility into our products, processes and people in order to give you one less thing to worry about.

All of Sappi North America-manufactured graphics and packaging products are sold with a standard default SFI® Certified Sourcing claim1. Customers may request one of the following CoC claims based on product offering: (1) SFI ≥20% Certified Forest Content1, (2) 100% PEFC certified, (3) FSC® Mix Credit. FSC-certified customers can receive a FSC Controlled Wood claim in replace of, or in addition to, a CoC claim. FSC controlled wood mitigates the risk of forest products originating from unacceptable sources (

Applicable only to SNA-manufactured graphics and packaging products sold into Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

For more information please refer to SNA’s Multi-Site CoC Claim Options Cheat Sheet.

CoC Claim Options by Product Grouping

Automatic “FSC Mix Credit” Grades

McCoy Sheets
McCoy Web
McCoy Digital
McCoy Gift Card

Opus Sheets
Opus Web
Opus Digital
Opus PS

Flo Sheets
Flo Digital

EuroArt Plus
EuroArt Plus Sheets

Product features include:

  • Products are sold automatically with an FSC Mix Credit CoC claim (FSC-C014955)
  • If the FSC Mix Credit CoC claim is not preferred, customers may request one of the following alternative CoC claims: (1) SFI ≥20% Certified Forest Content1, or (2) 100% PEFC certified (PEFC/29-31-10)
    EuroArt Plus is not eligible for SFI claims.

Grades Eligible for One CoC Claim at Customer Request

Flo Web

Somerset Web

Label Papers

Flexible Packaging

Proto Litho®

Release Papers

Product features include:

  • Products are eligible for one of the following CoC claims, based upon customer request and availability of credits, and applicable upcharges: (1) FSC Mix Credit (FSC-C014955), (2) SFI ≥20% Certified Forest Content, or (3) 100% PEFC certified (PEFC/29-31-10)

Grades Eligible for a FSC Controlled Wood Claim - Only

Note: The following products are not eligible for a CoC or SFI claim.