Sappi Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics applies firstly to all Sappi employees. It shows what can be expected of us, both by the organisation and other stakeholders.

It is important to understand that the Sappi Code of Ethics (Code) does not operate in isolation and that it supports all relevant legislation, regulations, policies and procedures.

We also expect and request our suppliers, contractors, customers and other stakeholders to become aware of our Code, comply with the values and principles in our Code and thereby help us to live up to our values.

Should you observe unethical conduct or illegal behaviour by anyone associated with Sappi, we urge you to report such incidents by submitting your concerns at

For more information and/or the Sappi Hotline numbers in the countries we operate, please download the Sappi Code of Ethics brochure below.

We believe our personal commitment to work within Sappi’s Code of Ethics will lead to a better company and community.
Steve Binnie, Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Limited
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