​Our Global Commitment

Strong, sustainable companies don't merely manage against quarterly financial targets—they invest in people, they make commitments to protect the planet and they have a clear vision to achieve profitable growth and prosperity.

Sappi Limited, our global parent, has a demonstrated track record of managing against all three pillars of sustainability - environmental, social and economic responsibility. In 2005 we established one of the first ever sustainability charters in our industry. We work each and every day at manufacturing, distributing and disposing of our products in responsible and sustainable ways.

Guidance and oversight of sustainability is embedded in our corporate structure.
Our policies provide a unifying vision that helps guide the actions of our employees, shareholders, and other key stakeholders.
The rapidly changing world around us is having a widespread impact on just about everything: global economies, industries, markets, consumer trends and our planet’s resources. As a company, we are embracing this reality with a focused strategy and some very clear objectives.
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