Corporate governance and risk

Sappi is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, which form the foundation for the long-term sustainability of our company and creation of value for our stakeholders.

Good governance at Sappi contributes to living our values through enhanced accountability, a transparent and ethical culture, strong risk management, a focus on effective control of the business, legitimacy and good performance. Governance is one of our key enablers to unlocking and protecting value, as we optimise the use of our capitals, address our key risks whilst taking advantage of exciting opportunities (refer to Risk management), whilst minimising the negative impacts of trade-offs that have to be made, as set out in the presentation of Our key material issues. The group endorses the recommendations contained in the King IV Code on Corporate Governance (King IV) and applies the various principles in the achievement of the following good governance outcomes.

Find an application register of how Sappi applies the King IV principles in the downloads below.


2023 Our leadership team
Profiles of directors, executive directors and executive management.
2023 Corporate governance
Committees, composition and corporate reporting structure.
2023 Remuneration Report
Our remuneration policy and report.


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