Sustainable Packaging Resources

At Sappi, we don’t make you choose between your commitment to sustainability and optimal packaging.

When you choose Sappi paper-based substrates as part of your packaging solution, you’re sourcing a product made from renewable resources that's also recyclable, helping your brand stand out on the shelf.

Sappi continues to encourage initiatives to improve product labeling on how to recycle packaging, such as rinsing cans, removing paper labels and separating plastic films from multiwall bags. We’re a strong proponent of educational outreach and programs that lead to higher recovery of paper and other recyclable materials.

Download our sell sheets below to learn more about sutainable sourcing, product specifications and more.

Developed to deliver the brand owner’s message with excellence, LusterCote offers a high level of brightness, print performance and production efficiency.

An SBS capable of meeting a breadth of applications. It’s sturdy for everyday jobs, providing the quality you deserve with superior convertibility and a consistent surface.

A lightweight paperboard (SBS) that brings all the best-in-class benefits of Proto—including an advantaged surface and sturdiness under pressure—to meet your corrugated litho lamination packaging needs, without sacrificing strength and adhesion for maximum converting efficiency.

An SBS with enhanced optics, making it ideal for premium applications that call for dynamic and vibrant images. It provides a high-end experience with the perfect combination of features to make a lasting impression.

An SBS designed to deliver superior quality, converting to eye-catching marketing collateral that stands out amongst the crowd. It delivers a high-end experience by featuring brilliantly reproduced colors and unmatched side-to-side consistency.