A closer look at Sappi North America

Sappi North America, a subsidiary of Sappi Limited, is helping build a thriving, sustainable world by unlocking the power of renewable resources to benefit people, communities, and the planet.  Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, our Cloquet, Matane, Somerset, and Westbrook mills along with our dedicated Technology Center, Shared Service Center and Sheeting facility locations employ approximately 2,100 people in the United States and Canada. The success of our business is driven by collaborative customer relationships, world-class talent and assets, and outstanding products and services—strengthened by solid technical, operational, and market expertise.

At the heart of our business is a renewable, recyclable natural resource – wood fiber. We use this to create dissolving pulp, packaging, specialty papers, graphic papers, casting and release papers and biomaterials that make everyday products more sustainable. We believe it's our responsibility to use the full potential of each tree harvested by building a biobased circular economy.

The world’s demands for sustainable products based on renewable resources, like wood fiber, are growing. Our products play an integral part in society, offering efficiently manufactured renewable products - all bolstered by our legacy of innovation and dedication to partnership. Sappi’s partnerships have a global reach in a commitment to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and we are committed to setting science-based targets for emission reduction in collaboration with the Science Based Targets Initiative. At the local level, Sappi’s “Ideas that Matter” initiative allows independent designers, design firms, and in-house designers to submit proposals for projects and initiatives that support the needs of non-profits. Year over year, accepted projects receive grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. Since 1999, this program has granted nearly $14 million.

Sappi’s products are developed through cutting edge research and development with a commitment to innovation and sustainability. Our Westbrook Technology Center is the heart of Sappi North America’s R&D efforts, discovering new ways to better utilize renewable resources. Since 1929, the scientists at the Center have developed many new and innovative products and processes to better serve our graphics, pulp and packaging and specialty paper markets. The Westbrook Technology Center is part of Sappi’s global research and development network which includes seven technology centers around the world working together to bring value-added renewable solutions to market.

Sappi’s paperboard packaging product lines Spectro, Proto, McCoy Gift Card and Proto Litho are some of the most renowned and valued brands with high-finish premium solutions for cosmetics and perfume, health and beauty care, consumer electronics, confectionery, luxury drinks, food packaging, and more. Our LusterBag and LusterCote packaging brands constitute a great portion of the food packing and labels on store shelves today. Sappi’s graphic papers, with highly recognized brand names such as McCoy, Opus, Somerset, and Flo, are used in premium magazine, catalogs, books, and direct mail. 

Sappi is a leading global supplier of casting and release papers and meets half the world’s demand for these critical products found in the surface aesthetics of synthetic fabrics used in footwear, clothing, upholstery, and other accessories. Our casting and release papers have been developed to deliver superior fidelity, reproducibility, and stability around the globe with virtually any chemistry. 

Verve, our dissolving pulp (DP) brand, is a market leader in providing innovative, sustainable alternatives to other fibers. Producing 1.4 million tons per year in North America and South Africa combined, accumulating to a 16% market share of the world’s supply, our DP can be found in a variety of textiles, health, personal care, pharmaceuticals, and other applications that affect daily lives.

We are especially proud of the strides Sappi has made to develop new, sustainably focused biomaterials. Our proprietary technology allows us to extract more value from each tree and allows us to develop specialty chemicals from parts of the tree not used for papermaking. Through these processes, we’ve developed biobased wood fiber products with our global counterparts, Symbio and Valida, which comprise sustainable alternatives for coating adhesives used in a wide range of products including automotive components, furniture, consumer electronics, and cosmetics. 

With over 167 years as an innovator in the industry, Sappi continues to set the standard for renewable resource companies across the globe.

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