​How our People Strategy supports our future ambition

Amazing People Do Not Just Happen. Our strategy is focused on helping our people to deliver on Sappi’s value-driven expectations, preparing them for tomorrow’s world and how to position Sappi within that world. We have the tools and the know-how to train our people to develop personally and professionally in an environment where everyone can grow and prosper.

The four key drivers of Sappi Europe’s People Strategy:

  • Leadership: Develop agile and adaptable leaders who will enable us to meet and embrace change and be responsive to future business demands.
  • Connecting and engaging People: Develop agile and adaptable mind-sets that will enable us to meet and embrace change, and intentionally evolve.
  • Building, equipping and empowering People: Continue to invest in future talent and grow our people so that they are able to seize opportunities and bring new ideas to fruition
  • Transforming our workforce: Encourage and facilitate change to meet the demands for an adaptable and agile workforce, with the appropriate business mind-set and behaviours.