Our Culture

Our Employment Values summarise what you can expect when working for Sappi Europe:

We want you to realise your dreams ... through living our key Employment Values … Integrity and Trust, Freedom with responsibility, Courage to explore new avenues and Personal Development.

Our four Employment Values:

  • Integrity and trust: We are truthful and build trust through all our actions. This is the basic employment value through which we facilitate a culture of collaboration and interdependency throughout our organisation.
  • Freedom with responsibility: Sappi encourages an entrepreneurial spirit allowing all employees to take diverse initiatives driving business results, within a defined framework of accountabilities.
  • Courage to explore new avenues: Sappi people challenge and shift existing paradigms, adopting new approaches and making appropriate decisions to further grow our results and stay ahead of competition.
  • Personal Development: Sappi commits to constantly grow its people so they have cutting-edge knowledge, skills and experience to serve all customers


Creating an entrepreneurial coaching-based culture is a priority for Sappi, for our leaders to encourage learning and growth, increase change capacity and continuously improve business performance.


We are equally very committed and engaged towards driving our “Sappi Performance Engine & i” initiative. The core of this transformational change initiative is to put the knowledge of our all our people right at the center of our on-going migration towards becoming a truly Continuous Improvement leader. It is about the participation of all employees every day, working as teams to see how to best reach safety, quality, delivery and efficiency standards on the shop floor. Our SPE&i vision brings our ambition to the point: “Empowered by the Sappi Performance Engine, all of us together will be inspired to learn, trust, respect, deliver and win. We are driven by truth. ONE Sappi!”