Harnessing Gen Z’s passion for sustainability at Maastricht Mill

Sustainability is a key focus across Sappi, but at Maastricht Mill in The Netherlands, the team has gone one step further. Maastricht is sponsoring six young people who have officially become the mill’s Sustainability Ambassadors. 

Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, the Ambassadors are meant to visit various developing countries with Dutch sustainability charity, Global Exploration. In the meantime, they’re helping to raise awareness of Maastricht mill’s sustainability projects and achievements. 

“We selected six projects that have enhanced the mill’s sustainability”, explains John Donners, the Training, Communications & Facilities Manager. “After conducting research, the Ambassadors created posters that touted the awesome results of each project in ways that everyone could understand and get excited about.”  

Like any good member of Gen Z, the Ambassadors shared their posters and experiences on their social media channels from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn. The constant stream of posts is helping to expose their classmates and other Gen Z’ers to innovative Sappi sustainability projects they likely wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.