Responsibility: packing it into our products

A sweet success

The recyclability of products has become just as important to consumers as quality and price. At the same time, consumers are also insisting on food packaging that’s safe.

The Sappi Guard range of flexible packaging papers meets this need in the form of integrated barriers that offer protection against oxygen, water vapour, grease, aroma, and mineral oil. These barriers mean there is no need to apply special coatings or laminations, both of which inhibit recyclability. The work was enabled by our 2017 acquisition of barrier film technology company Rockwell Solutions.

The move towards a circular economy

We used this technology when we collaborated closely with a packaging supplier, Constantia Flexibles, to develop solutions suitable for recyclable paper production processes. These led to the development of a snack bar wrapped in recyclable paper

“We at Constantia Flexibles recognise the importance of actively contributing to the circular economy. With our new innovation, we have strongly underlined our competencies in paper-based packaging solutions that ensure high product quality and freshness over the entire shelf life. This is an important step towards more sustainable products that may innovate confectionery packaging. We are very proud of this successful joint effort in the project and passionate to drive sustainable packaging solutions globally.”

- Stefan Grote, Executive Vice President Consumer at Constantia Flexibles, commenting on the partnership with Sappi

Flexible packaging papers

Recycling reduces the need for raw materials and also helps to reduce pressure on landfills. This matters because landfills produce methane, a powerful greenhouse gas with approximately 28 - 36 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide (CO2).