​Self-testing services

A vital part of Sappi’s global success is our commitment to technology and innovation. Underpinning this is our commitment to achieving the best possible standards of testing at our three dedicated Technology Centres in South Africa, Europe and North America.

While our other centres are responsible for dissolving pulp (DP) developments and tree breeding, the Sappi Technology Centre in Pretoria is where all of the pulping and bleaching work for the global Sappi business is carried out. It’s also home to the regional research and development for our paper, packaging, chemistry and environmental requirements.

The Sappi Technology Centre is accredited by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) for specific chemical and physical test methods – offering peace of mind to our customers and a guaranteed level of quality.

If you’d like more information on our accreditation or to view the certificate of accreditation, visit the SANAS website. The accreditation number for Sappi’s Technology Centre is T0080.

Read on for an overview of the testing services we carry out at our Sappi Technology Centre.

Please contact us for more information about the Sappi Technology Centre:
Dr Nelson Sefara
General Manager
+27 (0)12 844 9479
Michelle Allaway
Administration Manager
+27 (0)12 844 9441
Physical address
1 Sydney Brenner Street
The Innovation Hub
0087 Pretoria
South Africa
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Fibre processing capabilities

Responsible for converting timber into profitable products, our Fibre Processing team offers the following services:

  • Chemical pulping and bleaching of fibrous materials
  • Pulp testing and evaluations
  • Development and testing of pulping and bleaching additives
  • Pulp fibre analyses
  • Refining evaluations and optimisation
  • The use of biotechnology and enzymes for pulp and paper processing, and
  • Biorefinery studies.


Paper sciences capabilities

Our Paper Sciences team provides a wealth of services dedicated to innovative paper and paper packaging solutions:

  • Wet-end evaluations (pulp and additives)
  • Papermaking (single- and multi-ply directional handsheets)
  • Coating (film press, blade and rod coaters)
  • Paper testing
  • Printing
  • Speciality paper development
  • Box design, and
  • Box testing.


Chemical sciences capabilities

With its modern scientific equipment and highly skilled technicians, our Chemical Sciences team is responsible for the following services:

  • Measurement of major constituents of water, wastewater and effluent
  • Raw material and waste evaluation for contaminants
  • Olysaccharides analysis on wood, pulp and spent liquors
  • Wood chemistry
  • Certification of paper and board products
  • Characterisation and identification of deposits on products and processes
  • Application of analytical techniques to resolve customer complaints, and
  • Specialised analytical testing (AOX, calorific value and FTIR).


Environmental research capabilities

A vital part of our dedication to running a sustainable and environmentally friendly business, our Environmental Research team is responsible for:

  • Water and effluent treatment technology expertise
  • Bench and pilot scale evaluations
  • Optimisation of existing treatment systems
  • Waste management expertise, and
  • WinGEMS mass and energy modeling and process simulation.


Knowledge and information centre services

As well as the wealth of hands on services we offer, we also have a Knowledge and Information team responsible for:

  • General library services: providing daily news information, lending books, conferences and reports and assistance with binding, laminating, scanning and photocopying
  • Business and industrial information sourcing, purchasing, distribution and indexing
  • Corporate and technical information literature searches
  • Distribution of current awareness bulletins with abstracts from scientific journals
  • Acting as custodians of legal and technical information pertaining to company and statutory requirements
  • Networking with other technical libraries, and
  • Custodianship and knowledge management of technical information used by the SSA Technology Centre.
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