​Areas of expertise

Here at the Sappi Technology Centre our teams of experts use the latest specialist equipment to create and develop the best products for our customers. Find out more about what our departments do and why their work is so important to our business.

Chemical sciences and biochemistry

Providing analytical support and expertise from the start

Focusing on chemistry and chemical processes, our team of scientists investigates process and quality deviations, customer complaints, and provides analytical support to our mills. Our facility is equipped with modern scientific equipment and is accredited for a range of water, wastewater and dissolving pulp (DP) test methods. The department serves as a point of entry for mills looking for innovative solutions to resolve process issues and to ensure product compliance.

Environmental research

Sustainable solutions for environmental challenges

Pulp and paper mills use water and produce waste – the challenge is to achieve reductions on both of these fronts. The main role of the Environmental Research team is to ensure environmental compliance at all operations in the region and to add to the bottom line by saving energy and optimising processes. The scientists and engineers focus on water and effluent treatment and waste management among other things.

Please contact us for more information about the SSA Technology Centre:
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General Manager
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Michelle Allaway
Administration Manager
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Fibre processing

Converting timber to profitable products

Our Fibre Processing department offers global process support in applied research for chemical pulping, bleaching, biotechnology, biorefinery and refining operations. With a thorough understanding of new trends and expertise in available technologies, our team ensures that the fibre flow – from tree to the final product – is efficiently optimised.

Paper sciences

Providing innovative paper and paper packaging solutions

Our Paper Sciences team is responsible for paper and paper packaging production, product specification and product design. The team gets involved in all aspects of the papermaking process, with a specific focus on cost reduction, the improvement of paper machine efficiencies and future product development.