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Group profile*

Sappi is a global company focused on providing dissolving wood pulp, paper pulp and paper-based solutions to its direct and indirect customer base across more than 100 countries. We produce approximately 5.7 million tons per year of paper, 2.4 million tons per year of paper pulp and 1.3 million tons per year of dissolving wood pulp.

Our dissolving wood pulp products are used worldwide by converters to create viscose fibre for clothing and textiles, acetate tow, pharmaceutical products as well as a wide range of consumer products. Our market-leading range of paper products includes: coated fine papers used by printers, publishers and corporate end-users in the production of books, brochures, magazines, catalogues, direct mail and many other print applications; casting release papers used by suppliers to the fashion, textiles, automobile and household industries; and newsprint, uncoated graphic and business papers and premium quality packaging papers and tissue products in the Southern Africa region.
The wood and pulp needed for our products are either produced within Sappi or bought from accredited suppliers. Across the group, Sappi is close to ‘pulp neutral’, meaning that we sell almost as much pulp as we buy.

Sappi by numbers 

  • 12,800 employees in over 20 countries
  • Manufacturing operations on three continents
  • Paper production capacity of 5.7 million tons a year
  • Paper pulp production of 2.4 million tons a year
  • World's largest manufacturer of dissolving wood pulp with production capacity of 1.3 million tons a year
  • Sales in over 100 countries.


Divisional overview


Sappi Europe


Sappi North America


Sappi Southern Africa


Sappi Trading

Sappi Trading operates a network for the sale and distribution of our products outside our core operating regions of North America, Europe and Southern Africa. Sappi Trading also coordinates our shipping and logistical functions for exports from these regions.

Sales offices

Bogotá, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Mexico City, Nairobi, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Vienna

Logistics offices

Durban, New York


* As at 12 December 2014 


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