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Maastricht Mill

Our mill

The Maastricht Mill on the river Meuse (The Netherlands) has a long tradition of excellence in the manufacture of outstanding and specialised paper products. The mill was the first in Europe to produce coated papers. Today it is a leading manufacturer of fine coated board and paper.
A pioneering spirit and a tradition of quality - these are the hallmarks of Maastricht Mill.
Innovations are a key focus at Sappi's European research and development facilities located at the mill.
PM6 is one of the largest triple coated board machines in the world. The output is dedicated to higher grammages, complementing the range of fine coated paper grades produced by its sister mill at Gratkorn (Austria).
The refurbishment in 1995 and 1996 of the two paper lines and the extension of the finishing department practically resulted in a new mill. All aspects of the production process were totally updated and the very latest equipment and technologies have been implemented. This total investment programme has given a new impulse to product development, quality and customer service.
Products produced Capacity paper* (tpa)​ Capacity pulp* (tpa)​
Coated woodfree paper​ 280,000​

* Capacity at maximum continuous run rate.



Our products

The triple coating line produces graphic paper of the highest standards, particularly chosen by prize-winning printers. At Maastricht Mill, we know that maintaining the competitive edge requires continuous product innovation and development and that long-term partnerships are based on constant satisfaction, product reliability and supply flexibility.
Graphic papers
The mill manufactures high quality triple coated boards (gloss, satin and matt qualities) in sheet format in the range 200-400g/m². These papers are available under the internationally recognised Magno, HannoArt and Quatro brands - beautiful quality, dense-white papers suited for the most demanding and creative requirements in offset printing.

Our milestones




  • Lanaken Mill and Maastricht Mill continue as separate entities with their own management teams


  • Lanaken and Maastricht Mills re-united under one name and direction: Sappi Limburg.
2000 - 2006
  • Several rebuilds of major machine parts of production lines, including upgrade, speed-up, capacity and quality improvement​.
  • Sappi acquires and integrates KNP Leykam​.
  • Rebuild PM6 for CWF graphic board (BTF)​.
  • KNP BT Paper divisions merge with Austrian Paper manufacturer Leykam Murztaler > KNP Leykam​.
  • ​Merger of KNP, BT and VRG > Holding KNP BT.
  • ​Construction and start-up of CM6 (triple coated).
  • ​The success of KNP’s coated paper leads to the construction and start-up of PM6.
  • ​Start-up PM5, the first European machine for machine coated papers.
  • ​KNP buys in the US the license for the production of coated paper.
  • ​‘Lhoest, Lammens & Cie’ (1857) gets the Royal predicate and changes its name into Koninklijke Nederlandsche Papierfabriek.
  • ​‘Lhoest, Weustenraad & Cie’, founded by six Belgian investors; starts up PM1 in Maastricht.
  • The first paper is produced; mainly bible paper made out of rags.

Our environment

It is our policy to generate economic returns necessary to maintain a sustainable business in such a way that we continue to minimise our impact on the environment, encourage the development of our people and contribute to the communities in which we operate.
Long-term quality enhancement and environmental management go hand-in-hand at Maastricht Mill. It is a single system of overall thinking and a comprehensive appeal to all mill activities. The team at the mill is keen to see that its efforts and improvements lead to constant innovation and guaranteed quality.
Maximisation of the production and logistic efficiencies in the mill are achieved through the mill information and control system (MICS) operating in tandem with the latest SAP computerised ordering systems.
The mill has achieved full ISO 14001 certification for its integrated system of procedural control, starting from the chosen raw materials through the production processes and transport, to the disposal of residuals. This process quality system and constant quest for improvement ensures high efficiency levels, top quality and safe working conditions.
Sappi cares for the nature and its environment and at Maastricht Mill raw materials are used with economy and care:
  • Water consumption has been reduced to a minimum.
  • Used water is purified and returned to the river.
  • Residual materials from the paper making process are recovered and marketed as absorption material.
  • A highly-efficient combined heat/power plant, using natural gas and rest heat, supply all the energy required by the mill with enough electricity left to supply half the neighbouring city. The rest heat of the CHP chimney is used for the heating of the new city offices and stores in a new shopping mall.
The mill operates to strict ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and EMAS procedures.
Sappi Europe was the first paper company in the world to achieve multi-site, cross-border group Chain of Custody certification. All Sappi Europe mills and its sales organisations hold Chain of Custody certificates for both Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) schemes; these certifications provide proof from third-party certification bodies that the wood and fibre we use come from sustainable and controlled sources.

 Contact details

Communications and Training Manager
John Donners
Tel: +31 (0)43 3822 222
Postal and delivery address
16 Biesenweg
6211 AA Maastricht
The Netherlands

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