Balancing the 3Ps at Saiccor Mill

Balancing the 3Ps at Saiccor Mill

Project Vulindlela is our multi-billion-rand expansion project to boost Saiccor Mill’s dissolving pulp (DP) capacity by 110,000 tons per annum. The project has significant benefits for people, the planet and prosperity in South Africa.


The construction phase has provided employment for over 2,000 people and will provide permanent employment for 120 people once complete. In addition to our investment in Vulindlela, several billion rands have been allocated for upgrade projects to decrease production costs, introduce new technology, optimise processes, reduce environmental footprint and future-proof manufacturing systems at the mill.


The following ambitious targets have been set:

  • Reducing coal consumption by more than 130,000 tpa, cutting fossil fuel emissions by half.
  • Decreasing gas emissions by about 40%.
  • Reducing water consumption by 5%.
  • Increasing the efficiency of water use by 17%.
  • Improving energy efficiency by 10%.
  • Increasing renewable-energy use by 20%.
  • Reducing waste to landfill by about 50%.


Cost savings attributable to Vulindlela are expected to be at least ZAR300 million a year, while foreign currency generated by Saiccor’s increased capacity will initially be about ZAR1.3 billion a year and could peak at ZAR1.8 billion. This will benefit South Africa to the amount of approximately ZAR1 billion yearly, with expenditure in KwaZulu-Natal accounting for 65% of this amount.