Working towards a world without waste from Europe

As the demand for a cleaner planet grows among consumers, so does the emphasis on innovation. The call for sustainable solutions has never been higher. That’s why Sappi Europe is constantly evolving to help its customers with future-oriented circular solutions.

Responsible, recyclable…and remarkable 

Sappi is already driving ahead with its innovation journey with a planet-positive offering of fibre-based products that are made from renewable resources and are widely recyclable. Our combination of passion, experience, excellence in technology and ability to stay ahead of trends is helping some of the largest global brands to develop new designs, services and processes that take them ever closer to a circular economy. That means being open to investing in new technology to better support each of our customer’s needs. 

But to do this, Sappi recognised the need for a bolder approach. And that meant establishing a department devoted to Innovation and Sustainability (I&S) in 2018 within Sappi Europe. The department brings together engineers, scientists, new business development people and regulatory experts who as a team are focusing the company’s eye on the future.  

Embracing circularity

The vision? To embrace the circular economy using sustainable materials based on certified wood and replacing fossil-based fuels. To work on new technologies that support transformation in Sappi and across our value chain partners to reduce carbonemissions and contribute to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. 

The tasks we take on range from “blue sky” research, to new product development for niche markets, to process optimisation of mature graphics papersI&S is Sappi’s “change engine” to deliver timely solutions to tomorrow’s challenges and create new revenue streams. And we’ve only just started. 

Our “One Sappi” approach means we share the very best of this innovation knowledge across the company to build on our successes and learn from our challenges. In an ever-changing, globalised world we know how important it is to stay ahead and make the most of our global talent and expertise. 

Foundations for the future 

Sappi’s vision of innovation isn’t just in new product development. “It’s in everything we do”, says CEO of Sappi Europe Marco Eikelenboom. “Our go-to market strategies both for graphic papers and packaging and speciality papers have changed beyond recognition”, he says. “Brand owners and end-users are now seeking out the true innovators and forming direct relationships with us. We’re introducing digital capabilities to our mills, our supply chain, our sales offices and our shared service centre. We’ve ensured that doing business with Sappi is easy and rewarding on so many levels.” 

Invest to evolve 

The ability to constantly evolve means continuous investment in innovation. And Sappi’s acquisition of the Cham Paper Group and Rockwell Solutions Limited bolstered Sappi’s relevance in packaging and speciality papers. “These acquisitions brought to the table increased levels of innovation: the unique barrier technology developed by Rockwell and the sheer capacity for innovation at the Cham Paper Group which has seen us entering the Digital Solutions business”, explains Eikelenboom 

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