Jean-Benoit Levy

Coalition on Homelessness

Grant Awarded: $33,596

Street Sheet is a hand-distributed newspaper with well-written, truthful news and experience-informed opinion that comes directly from homeless people themselves.

Working with the Coalition on Homelessness, Studio AND redesigned the Street Sheet to increase its visibility and readability to have a greater impact on the public discourse around homelessness and poverty in San Francisco. Over 240 self-employed vendors are able to now earn $2 per paper and can earn up to $150 per day to educate the public on issues concerning homelessness and poverty. The Sappi grant was able to provide a new logotype and complete re-design for the Street Sheet paper as well as supply vendor ID badges, t-shirts, posters, and aprons. Thanks to the grant, the Coalition on Homelessness was able to also launch a 5 week ad campaign at subway stops and on buses about the myths of homelessness.