Doug Hebert

Depelchin Children's Center

Grant Awarded: $30,000

DePelchin Children’s Center is the largest and most comprehensive provider of children’s social and mental health services in the Houston area.

In the US, thousands of children are removed from their biological families or guardians each year due to child abuse, neglect or other factors. Without permanent adoptive homes, these children will remain in foster care until they reach adulthood.

Doug Hebert, Design Director of Savage Design Group Inc, was lucky enough to be adopted into a loving home when he was just a month old. His awareness of the plight of those less fortunate has been with him all his life and prompted his involvement with DePelchin Children's Center, an organization committed to finding safe and loving homes for children.

When it came to designing the introductory packet and orientation material for prequalified, proactive parents, Doug saw the opportunity to highlight the long-term rewards of adoption by showing what it meant to the children themselves.

As a result, the book, the book is all about hope and the positive impact that 'family' can have in a child's life. Featuring important information on the DePelchin process, statistics and figures regarding adoption. It tells the story of youth lost and then found; a backdrop of the harsh realities shared by all the children, and the promise of a better tomorrow that adoption offers.