Sara Barr

Rent For Moms: More than Toys for Tots

Grant Awarded: $49,500

In the U.S., though 59% of Black women have attended college, and 92% of those in the labor force are employed, Black moms are twice as likely to live below the poverty level. And, for anti-poverty efforts work, housing needs must be addressed. This grant project will help educate existing and potential supporters about the work that the nonprofit, Done for DiDi undertakes to address poverty and will help to raise funds to provide monthly micro-funding rent stipends and seed money for programs that support Black women and Black Marginalized Genders. Elements of the project will include new designs for fundraising materials, print and digital promotion, a re-designed application process for those in need of rental support and a donor handbook to educate and encourage donors to continue the lifelong work of dismantling the deep-rooted systems causing poverty.