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Free and fully searchable, the Sappi etc. site covers everything from paper basics and sustainability resources to advanced print and design techniques, including color management, printer tech tips, special effects, varnishes, folding, and designing for direct mail. View here

Sappi etc. technical representatives are available for on-site consultation and can be reached at our toll-free helpline 1-877-SappiHelp.

"We love sharing our knowledge of paper and printing to help customers work smarter, faster and more effectively. The volume of educational materials we have produced over the years is incredible and with Sappi etc. site's online library, designers and printers will now have open access to this rich archive of information at their fingertips. The Sappi etc. site is as much a nostalgic look back as it is a step towards the future with continual updates on the latest in print expertise."
Daniel Dejan, Print & Creative Manager for Sappi etc.


Features of the Sappi etc. microsite include a digitized library of collected works, resources and step-by-step guides on print, where readers will have the ability to download high-resolution PDF versions of original files—all in one easy to use place. Examples include a historic compilation of resources from the years of S.D. Warren and Potlach, Sappi's extensively illustrated @issue series, videos on Ideas that Matter, The Standard series, as well as a collection of content from our eQ platform on sustainability. As a part of the site, Daniel Dejan will also be publishing a new blog, Side Bar addressing relevant insight and technical tips on the art and science of printed communication. From color management to QR codes and augmented reality, the blog is intended to shed light on something new for readers to learn each time they visit the site.


Training is a key component of the Sappi etc. platform and Sappi hosts a series of widely-recognized workshops from some of the best technical experts in the industry throughout the year. Workshops are created for the novice to intermediate level graphic designer, art director, print buyer or production manager in mind, focusing on topics pertinent to their fields in easy-to-understand sessions. Dates and times of these workshops as well as Sappi's list of upcoming conferences, panel sessions, and events will now be accessible at the Sappi etc. calendar online.


As a value-added service, Sappi etc. technical representatives are available for consultation to assist with questions regarding paper and printing. Whether navigating a systems problem or suggesting the best way to run a job, they know first-hand how to find solutions. Most of the representatives have previously worked in printing plants for more than 20 years and have expertise in areas such as web and sheetfed operations, press chemistry, and bindery production. One of the hallmark resources of this knowledgebase is Sappi's Printer Tech Tips, a series of troubleshooting guides that has a reputation in the industry for providing useful, technical information. The Printer Tech Tips series will now be available on the Sappi etc. microsite, covering over thirty in-depth topics of interest to printers.

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