Sappi Digital

It's the small customizations that help your brand make a big impression.

That's why we deliver a complete line-up of digital products that let you get personal. Choosing digital means having an eye for customization, variability and speed, which Sappi delivers alongside superior performance. Even quick-turn projects can yield long-term results. Thanks to major advances in digital printing, companies can now produce personalized messaging or visual experiences, all within the same run. Serving up highly customized content on an audience-specific basis can increase ROI and create a better overall experience—for you and your customer.

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We help you harness digital printing's power.

The Sappi Digital Portfolio is designed, engineered and tested so that all projects, no matter the budget, can maximize digital printing's unique strengths. Whether you're searching for high-end premium paper designed to produce a brilliant brand experience, a comprehensive paper capable of delivering whatever the job demands, or the highest-quality paper for a limited budget, our expansive digital line-up has the flexibility to make your brand one that customers remember. When you have a smaller print run you want to personalize without compromising timelines or quality, trust Sappi.

Digital Portfolio

When one size won’t fit all, McCoy Digital saves the day; delivering a fully customized experience to uniquely target each and every customer.

Highly customizable and able to perform on a range of machines, Opus Digital caters to the depth and breadth of your campaign.

Flo Digital is designed for smaller runs on a small budget, allowing you to create highly customizable pieces.

With its enhanced optics, Spectro paperboard is ideal for both packaging and commercial printing applications.