Mark Atkinson

Mercy & Sharing Foundation

Grant Awarded: $20,000

Mercy & Sharing is a humanitarian organization that provides life-saving medical interventions, clean water, nutritional support, education and a loving and safe home to abandoned and orphaned children in Haiti.

The Mercy & Sharing organization has a new vision for providing quality of life and the best possible future for Haitian children in their care. Through a generous donation, they have been able to purchase 20 acres of land that will serve as the building site of a multi-function facility housing an orphanage, a school and a therapy center for handicapped children. The building project is expected to cost over $1.5 million with an annual operating budget of $28,900.

The Sappi grant will be used to produce a donor acquisition piece to educate and motivate major donors about the need to support this new opportunity in Haiti. Through contributions to Mercy & Sharing, the abandoned children of Haiti will have a better chance at a quality life – a life with opportunity. A successful organization like Mercy & Sharing can have a long-term effect on the impoverished country of Haiti by empowering the children with the tools they need to survive and thrive.