Toussaint Cummings

Armstrong Family Services

Grant Awarded: $8,100

Armstrong Family Services (AFS) is dedicated to keeping families in the New Orleans area together by providing emergency housing, transitional housing, case management, and mentoring services to help them become financially and emotionally independent.

After Hurricane Katrina, AFS's scope of services widened and their case load increased greatly. The staff in the AFS office are sincerely dedicated to their cause and, even with an overwhelming caseload, they always expressed a wish for wanting to help more people. The organization had no logo and all of their communications utilized different images of Louis Armstrong because of his dedication to helping underprivileged children and the abundance of images available on him. Most of the materials that the staff had designed violated some sort of copyright.

The new branding system will give the organization a unified and professional look. The families that are served by AFS are used to a high level of service and dedication from the staff and the promotional materials should reflect that. A new system for forms will be created and will benefit the staff in serving the clients' needs.

This strategy will result in a larger number of clients being served in a more effective manner, which will ultimately help AFS fulfill their mission more effectively.