Stephanie Cooper

Senior Services of King County

Grant Awarded: $35,500

Senior Services assists and empowers more than 50,000 seniors and their families each year through an integrated system of quality programs and services. Our mission: to promote the emotional, social, and physical well-being of older adults.

This first book by Seattle designer Stephanie Cooper is a labor of love that was created as a result of its 46-year-old author’s personal experiences with ageing parents. Much of her initial information about the effects of ageing came from her close relationship with her 83-year-old father for whom she helped care.

Choosing Senior Services was also appropriate — they had helped care for both her ageing parents. “This organization was the perfect match for a book about how our bodies change as we age. Senior Services was also launching a new mission and new identity — expanding their reach to a younger demographic. Their internal efforts were in perfect agreement with my goal of attracting a younger audience to the subject of ageing in the hope of confronting some of the fear and ignorance that causes the stereotypes surrounding senior citizens and the elderly.”