Lynne Grigg

Inner-City Filmmakers

Grant Awarded: $20,000

Inner-City Filmmakers mission is to open doors for low-income, but capable, high school seniors. They provide free, year-round professional and business skills training, mentoring and paid work opportunities in the motion pictures and television industries.

The design concept created by Lynn Grigg is simple and bold. It taps into the power of each individual through a dramatic portrait. The focus on a single student’s success is inspiring and aims to elicit the response “If they can do it, so can I”. The campaign is aptly titles ‘I Matter’. It is more than an affirmation of every student’s inherent self-worth. It also encourages every donor or supporter to take ownership of the project and work to improve the prospects of the inner-city youth. The campaign reminds them that everyone’s participation does matter. Event handouts, direct mailings and wild postings were utilized to spread the word about the organization.