Mike Weikert, Ryan Clifford and Mira Azarm

Neighborhood Design Center

Grant Awarded; $21,340

Since its establishment in 1968, the non-profit Neighborhood Design Center has sought to improve neighborhood livability, viability and sustainability by providing pro-bono design and planning services in support of community-sponsored initiatives.

NDC mobilizes volunteer architects, planners, landscape architects, engineers, and other design professionals who donate their professional services to help groups in the initial stages of neighborhood revitalization efforts in Baltimore and Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Though NDC’s mission is to bring high quality pro bono design to community projects, its visual brand had languished. NDC’s logo, brochures and website were designed more than 20 years ago, and it lacked crucial materials for participating in community outreach events or for sharing information even as staff members and volunteers meet people on a daily basis. MICA’s Center for Design Practice worked with NDC to develop and design a new brand platform, the first phase of which was implemented in 2013. The funding from Sappi’s Ideas That Matter grant program will support production of additional core elements of NDC’s daily communications, including education and outreach materials, photography, a special commemorative coloring book, and an exhibition to launch the new brand and create community buzz.