Erin Huizenga

Remedy is a consultancy that works exclusively with organizations that make people healthier. Having worked with clients ranging from nonprofit organizations to Fortune 100/500 corporations, Erin designs systems that empower people to be healthy, find community, learn and give back.

Erin has created curriculum and lectured for Northwestern University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College, Chicago Portfolio School, North Park University, Marwen (a school that educates and inspires under-served young people through the visual arts) and is currently serving as an advisor for The Orange School, a new charter elementary school that features arts-based curriculum, interdisciplinary education and social responsibility.

Erin is also Co-Founder of The Comradery, which offers all professionals learning experiences in design-centered leadership, thinking and making. She has served on the Board of Directors for Art Resources in Teaching and on the Board of Directors for AIGA Chicago. In 2008, Erin founded EPIC: Engaging Philanthropy, Inspiring Creatives. EPIC is designed to give creatives a place to serve with their talents while providing small nonprofit organizations what they need to make the world better and pursue their purpose. Currently, she is also serving on the Outreach Committee and driving the branding initiative for the Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise—a task force committed to creating, scaling and sustaining innovative programs by focusing on unemployment, education, poverty and health care.