Maurice Woods

AIGA San Francisco / Inneract Project

Grant Awarded: $25,000

Inneract Project’s mission is to expose under-served youth to careers in design by providing free classes, mentorship, and support for higher education. It is Inneract Project’s goal to offer design as a means for positive transformation and expression.

Inneract Project is an AIGA San Francisco supported program that provides free visual communication arts and design classes for inner city youth in order to channel their creativity into viable career paths. Classes are free and taught at both the Academy of Art and Ex’pression College by local design professionals. Class disciplines include graphic design, architecture and industrial design.

The proposed project will serve as an informational ad campaign to educate under-resourced communities and youth about various design disciplines and career opportunities. Using a “Who am I” conceptual theme, the ads will present different puzzles and riddles throughout the Bay Area, describing a variety of design professions. Each riddle will end with a line directing viewers to the Inneract Project website for the answer. The ads will feature a visual image of past IP students as a way to authentically engage the students and parents in the targeted communities.