Davina Grunstein and John Fabrizio

Baltimore Tree Trust

Grant Awarded: $36,762

The Baltimore Tree Trust will serve as a fund-raising umbrella, advocacy and educational organization, mobilizing Baltimore citizens and institutions around the common civic goal of dramatically increasing the number of trees planted each year, to improve our air and water and beautify our region.

The TreeBaltimore marketing campaign aims to raise awareness about the benefits of increasing tree cover in Baltimore, and promote participation in the program, which assists city residents in acquiring trees to plant on private land and educates participants on their proper care.

Tree cover can be used to measure the health of a community. In fact, studies show that planting more trees in the inner city can significantly reduce the negative side effects of city life. Greener cities are measurably better in terms of air, water, energy and public health needs. Trees reduce building energy consumption, sequester carbon. increase property values and help to mitigate the human discomfort caused by urban heat islands.

To convey the benefits of a greener Baltimore, we project Baltimore residents into a scenario wherein they themselves are envisioning a more beautiful place; a place where there is less crime, better air, higher property values... Beautiful photography depicting people of varied age, economic and racial backgrounds — reflecting the diversity of Baltimore city — shows them holding a paper tree cutout in front of an otherwise blighted urban setting, a row house front lawn or a city school that looks barren. This hopeful act sets the tone for the entire campaign, and provides a compelling and recurring theme to repeat in all materials. The campaign materials produced — from the identity to the ads to international collateral — leverage and aspirational tone and feel, and communicate a direct call to action.