Giving people the tools to succeed

Giving people the tools to succeed in South Africa

Our focus is on equipping our people and the communities in which we operate with the life and career skills, knowledge and confidence – the tools – that allow them to build on their own capabilities and further their development.

Skills Centres

One of the ways we’re achieving this is through the Sappi Skills Centres at Ngodwana and Saiccor Mills. The centres provide local unemployed youth with vocational skills that help enable them to create local businesses.

Learning programmes

The centres offer three categories of learning programmes:

  • Basic handyman
    Nine weeks of training covering either Electrical, Plumbing, Construction or Painting Handyman. This programme includes practical micro-enterprise development training.
  • Basic engineering training
    Six months of training covering the basics of a specific trade. Engineering trainees go into the mechanical fitter, electrician and instrument mechanic training programmes. On successful completion, trainees earn a part qualification.
  • Contracted apprentices
    Contracted apprentices are selected from the basic engineering trainees and then contracted and registered as apprentices. They complete their institutional and practical training in Sappi facilities and are supported through the trade test.

Resources and focus

The skills centres are resourced with experienced artisans for apprentice training. There is a strict focus on work ethic and discipline in the workplace together with life and business skills development.

How to apply

Application forms are distributed through local community leaders and schools at specific intervals during the year.


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