Gary Fogelson

Border Crossers

Grant Awarded: $9,038

Border Crossers brings together young students from segregated neighborhoods in New York City to explore issues of discrimination, inequality, and social justice, and to develop student leadership toward lasting social change.

Due to cultural and economic differences, a standardized method of communicating essential information is lacking across the school system. Many parents of Border Crossers students are still not online, and due to budget issues, many schools have restrictions on how much material can be printed on site. We are overcoming these barriers by providing pre-printed, ready-to-distribute communication materials that are accessible to everyone.

Borders Crossers will use the proposed Community Toolbox to communicate on a much wider and systematic level and therefore, achieve their goal of engaging more school communities in the program. The targeted communications materials will allow Border Crossers staff to conduct outreach in school communities and maintain communication with existing partners. As a result, the Community Toolbox will enable Border Crossers to scale up their programs and engage many more constituents from a variety of backgrounds.