Bob Faust and Dave Pabellon

Chicago Youth Centers

Grant Awarded: $32,000

Chicago Youth Centers is Chicago’s largest multi-site, independent, locally-based youth services agency. CYC invests in kids in underserved neighborhoods in Chicago to help them discover and realize their full potential.

What distinguishes CYC from drop-in youth centers is that members sign up to attend and participate in a comprehensive, structured curriculum designed to improve their academic performance in school as well their life and social skills.

A book detailing the 53-year history of Chicago's largest locally based youth development organization will serve in four major ways.

It will re-engage large donors and vested partners through interviews, raising support

It will provide media opportunities throughout the city of Chicago via gift copies and signing parties, raising awareness of the organization, its mission, and its accomplishments

It will provide searchable archives to be shared with other youth development organizations

It will serve as an end of the 50th Anniversary Building Futures Campaign book for top donors, including co-founder Sidney Epstein, raising confidence in the organization and its proven track record of keeping youth safe while helping them build on their assets to create a more positive future for themselves and their communities.