Vicky Jones

City of Refuge

Grant Awarded: $23,903

The City of Refuge is a non-profit organization dedicated to community development efforts that lead to the stability and sustainability of the local community. They provide resources that arrest crisis, restore self-respect and transition individuals and their families back on the road to independence and positive social engagement with life-building tools.

180º Kitchen is a fully operational cooking, dining and culinary educational facility that embodies every aspect of the City of Refuge mission to bring strength, hope and light to Atlanta’s last, lost and least. Through the culinary art school, students gain vocational skills that can lead to jobs. Through the meal sharing program people acquire nutritional training that can lead to healthier children and better living. The Catering program is a social enterprise that gives students of the 180 Kitchen Culinary Arts School opportunity for real world experience and to earn income. This program also serves as a means of generating revenue to cover the expenses of the 180º Kitchen. Catering services are offered for events of all sizes and for all occasions.