Nils Bunde, Drew Larson, Jonathan Amen, and Dian Sourelis

Gilda's Club of Chicago

Grant Awarded: $40,250

Gilda’s Club Chicago exists so that no one has to live with cancer alone. At Gilda’s Club, people learn to live with cancer so that cancer is part of who they are, not all of who they are.

The design team at Brainforest began thinking about the cancer diagnosis. What if tomorrow you were told you had caner? How would you deal with that news? They thought about all the changes a life would go through once those words were spoken, And of the dozens of immediate concerns.

Their idea was to create a workbook that would organize your “cancer life.” It is a place to record doctors visits, medications, side effects, and to record questions to ask and keep insurance notes. A book with information to help juggle home, work and treatment, website and phone contacts for organizations that offer help, and a CD-Rom with Spanish language information and additional worksheets.

The team believes that, thanks to the Living With Cancer Workbook, life doesn't stop once you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and the journey becomes more tolerable and easier to bear.