Jim Rivett and Paul Meinke

Green Bay Area Public School District

Grant Awarded: $5,943

Green Bay Area Public School District embraces learning for all as its highest priority. By providing a diverse community with dynamic educational opportunities, they develop engaged members in society and enthusiastic learners for life.

Public school districts continually struggle to meet testing standards set by the Federal Government. Their focus on the traditional subjects has left minimal time to teach broader life lessons such as showing respect, kindness, and empathy towards others. Reports of intolerance, racism, and bullying are rising in the schools of Brown County, Wisconsin.

The “Respectacles” campaign’s main objective is to supplement the minor amounts of time teachers in Green Bay can spend on teaching these “life lessons” of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Arketype wants to touch students while they are still impressionable — in the elementary school grades. Ultimately, they hope to help stave off some of the segregation and disrespect that has plagued local middle and high schools by tackling those subjects in ways that are relatable and kid-friendly.

While the agency cannot give presentations to every classroom in the community, the Sappi Ideas that Matter grant will allow them to extend the poster, window cling, and bumper sticker distribution from just Green Bay Area Public Schools to all elementary school classrooms in the county. This will give teachers the materials to promote equality, respect, tolerance, and caring that are otherwise not available unless they purchase items using their own money. The bumper stickers, window clings, and posters were specifically chosen because they are long-lasting materials whose message can continue for as long as they are in use – possibly years.

Ultimately, Arketype’s goal is to produce enough materials to expand awareness of Dr. King’s message from 19,500 students to nearly 39,000 students. That's twice as many more caring, accepting citizens in our world.