Anne Van Wagener and Nicole Bednarz

Greyhound Welfare Foundation / Leaving Tracks

Grant Awarded: $35,000

The Greyhound Protection Project is an international campaign supporting greyhound rescue, designed to bring together the anti-racing universe to create a strong, consistent platform educating the public about the plight of greyhounds.

The number of greyhounds that are killed in the United States alone is staggering. Nearly 10,000 healthy greyhounds are killed every year simply because they aren't fast enough and over 600,000 have been killed since 1986. Worldwide, the numbers are well into the millions.

The objective of the campaign is to aid greyhound rescue organizations worldwide who are in desperate need of help in educating the public about the plight of greyhounds. The goal is to publicize the urgent need for adoptive homes and new volunteers, and raise funds for the rescue and care of retired greyhounds. The campaign will collaborate with rescue organizations in the UK and other countries to develop the communications materials that they lack. The campaign will be the first of its kind and it is our hope that eventually it will be translated into different languages.

Ultimately, the Sappi grant will help extend the excellent work of the Greyhound Protection League to a much wider international audience to create a difference in the efforts of local organizations.