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Sappi Fine Paper Europe embraces new technology for a multi-dimensional reading experience in latest edition of What’s Next Magazine

Language and communication are core to the Spring 2012 edition of Sappi Fine Paper Europe’s What’s Next Magazine, designed to show how paper and printing techniques can add value to publications. Layar, a new smart phone based technology that adds a new dimension to printed content will be used for the first time in the magazine, and insights into multilingualism and language choice will be shared with readers.


At its heart, the purpose of What’s Next Magazine is to show publishers what they can do to add texture and depth to their publications, through paper choice in particular. Its mission is to drive passion in, and about print, and to share exciting innovations by showcasing great examples from the industry. For this edition, Sappi has gone one step further by integrating Layar technology into its articles for the first time, thereby continuing to embrace the interplay between digital technology and printed material.


In a nutshell, Layar, the freely available augmented reality application, enhances your subject matter with layers of digital information via your smartphone. From a publisher’s perspective, the beauty of using this technology is that readers never stop reading their magazines. Scanning the Layar logo with a smartphone immediately brings the reader various forms of complementary content about the subject either in the form of an image, text or even a small movie. Not only that, the technology also enables publishers to provide additional product information for readers, as well as suggesting possible purchases through the app. No need to go to a website; the content appears on your smartphone.


In “Differences are not embossed in our genes,” a fascinating article examining the impact of language in multilingual Belgium, Layar technology brings the reader directly to ‘live’ interviews with interviewees (Marc Reynebeau, Editor, De Standaard (NL) and Béatrice Delvaux, Consultant Editor Le Soir (FR)) in their respective mother tongues, to complement the article which is written in English. “A Novel Approach” looks at an author’s experience of self-publishing, and whether buyers and readers still need the reassurance of a hard copy in their hands, or whether ebooks cut the mustard. In this case, Layar technology complements the article with further information about the novel in question. Further articles including Sappi’s work in Haiti, the need to adapt language on the basis of print or online media, and the German newspaper industry all have complementary Layar information waiting to be discovered.


Sappi has launched a short movie on how the Layar app works. It can be viewed


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