Designer Philip Stroomberg wins prestigious award


Brussels, 13 March 2013



Designer Philip Stroomberg wins prestigious award using Sappi Algro Design® cartonboard


Innovative The Cube Calendar design wins a silver award in Graphics and Advertising Design Category at famous “A’Design Award and Competition”


Designer Philip Stroomberg has been awarded with the A’Design Award and Competition for his highly innovative, interactive The Cube Calendar design, which consists of hundreds of cardboard squares punched from sheets of Sappi Algro Design, assembled in six rows, held together by two binding screws. The Cube Calendar comes in a specially designed box, also produced with Algro Design, that ingeniously folds around the cube without glue or other adhesive. If you lift the lid, the box falls open like origami, leaving the calendar to be picked up.


“Stroomberg has come up with a stunning design which stands out from any other calendar we have ever seen,” said Lars Scheidweiler, Product Group Manager Rigid Packaging

of Sappi.  “We are pleased to have been able to contribute to the success of this project with our Algro Design premium SBS cartonboard.”


Algro Design from Sappi, chosen for this innovative calendar design, has been one of the most popular coated virgin fibre cartonboards for premium graphic and packaging applications since its launch about nine years ago. Many demanding consumers intuitively identify it as the ideal carrier for high quality, luxury packaging and printed items. Both Algro Design (coated on one side) and Algro Design Duo (coated symmetrically on both sides) are proof of the fact that Sappi has brought its significant design and manufacturing expertise to the art of cellulose carton manufacturing just as Stroomberg brought his exceptional creativity to the design of The Cube Calendar. Algro Design impresses with its bright white surface, a very high level of UV light resistance and a silky soft surface, adding to the tactile pleasure of handling the calendar.


A feeling that is shared by Frits Van Vliet, owner of DrukGoed & paardekooper display, who printed the calendar: "We know the designer and the moment he came to us with this design, we knew it would be a fun project to do. He put us in touch with Igepa Netherlands, who recommended the Algro Design SBS cartonboard from Sappi. We hadn't worked with it before, so we were curious to get started with it. The more we ran tests, the more we got convinced of its power and possibilities. We're gradually switching to more and more Algro Design, it fits perfect in our line of work."


The high quality of Algro Design, its look and feel, and in particular the bright white finish, highlight clearer images in the printing and ensure increased contrast, while at the same time giving the impression of more space. This has a positive effect on the perception of the overall design, providing a visible representation of the quality of the piece.



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Image caption: In granting the award to Philip Stroomberg, the A’ Design jury stated, “With this beautiful design of the Cube calendar, he has added an innovative twist to the concept of the tear-off calendar. Not a messy sheaf of paper hanging from a nail on your wall, but a compact object that subtly changes shape in your hands: by tearing off a card each day, you reveal the workings of time. Simple and innovative.