Sappi Expands Algro® Sol Release Liners Portfolio


New markets targeted with broader weight range following Alfeld Mill PM2 rebuild

Sappi Fine Paper Europe is targeting new markets with an expanded weight range in its Algro Sol portfolio of release liners following the successful €60m transformation of Alfeld Mill’s PM2. The development of the effective lightweight efficiency liners has been made possible by the new 135-ton, 6.4 meters in diameter MG cylinder recently installed on PM2 in the Sappi Alfeld mill. It produces excellent high dimensional stability and surface properties of Algro Sol papers that favour converting.

In addition to the well established Algro Sol DN weights of 120g/m²  and 135g/m²  Sappi is launching new weights of 70, 80, 85, 90 and 98g /m². All are offering a significant price performance ratio and are mostly suited for office use, tape and industrial applications. All grades are available in different shades.

One of the main benefits of the dimensional stability is performance reliability, which goes excellent with lay flat properties. With some substrates, paper dimension in cross direction can expand by 2% or 3% as a result of temperature changes. With these grades the value is only 0.4% - this ensures consistency and runability.

“The rebuilt machine was designed to enable highly flexible production of a wider range of grades,” comments Gunnar Sieber Sappi’s Product Group Manager Release Liner. “The expanded range of lower Algro Sol DN weight papers offers a greater array of options and applications. We are excited to be presenting these to more target markets such as pressure sensitive adhesives and prepreg applications.  Along with how the grade can support a broader variety of end uses, we are looking forward to approaching new sectors we have not targeted with these grades before. We will also be looking at our global positioning.

”PM2’s flexible production capability will enable Sappi to develop grades to address opportunities as they arise. It is with this in mind that Algro Sol’s expansion is not stopping there.  Algro Sol CN will be the newest family addition comprising of lighter weight grades from 50 g/m² to 60 g/m². These papers are suitable for pressure sensitive adhesive office material applications.

As a competence centre, Sappi Alfeld Mill enables customers to further discover how the wide range of grade options can help them support their customer’s needs. They can also call on technical advice if required.

“PM2’s successful rebuild will enable us to better address customer requirements for higher quality grades while the additional production capacity will aid on time delivery and substrate flexibility,” concludes Mr Sieber.  “We will carefully explore all the opportunities this presents and see how new variations of release liners can help us effectively embrace emerging opportunities.”  

About Sappi Alfeld Mill:

Founded in 1706, Alfeld Mill became part of Sappi in 1992. It has five papermaking machines and an integrated pulp plant using locally harvested wood. The OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, EMAS, ISO 9001 certified pulp mill produces totally chlorine-free (TCF) bleached chemical pulp for its own use.  The Alfeld Mill has also received the ISO 50001 certification for adhering to energy efficiency regulations