Sappi announces Algro® Guard M and Leine® Guard M

Innovative barrier substrate addresses migration concerns mineral oil

Sappi Fine Paper Europe is launching Algro Guard M and Leine Guard M barrier paper grades at interpack 2014 - These sustainable and recyclable packaging materials are designed to address concerns about migration of mineral oil into food from packaging that is manufactured from recycled paper.

Food migration issues have arisen as a result of packaging materials containing recycled fibres for which one of the primary raw materials is newspapers. Newspaper printing inks contain mineral oil as solvents, as do many commercial printing inks. During the recycling process only 90% of the printing ink components can be removed.  If these substrates are used for food packaging applications, the mineral oil compounds can migrate from the cardboard into the foodstuffs, even when an inner bag is used. Especially dry and greasy foods such as rice, pasta, cereal and chocolate products are affected.

Developed in partnership with BASF and Eurofins, the innovative flexpack substrate received very positive market feedback following its introduction at Fachpack 2013. Brand owners are now able to use their current recycled fibre based folding boxes, shelf ready packs and transport boxes.  The food inside will be protected by inner bags, pouches and sachets made from Sappi mineral oil barrier papers such as :

  • Leine Guard M for inner bags combines Machine Glazed Bleached Kraft (MGBK) paper with the mineral oil barrier on the reverse side. It is available in 80 g/m²  to 120 g/m².

  • Algro Guard M has been designed for gravure printed primary packaging such as pouches, sachets, bags and wrappers, and is available in 90 g/m² to 140 g/m². This grade incorporates a blade coating on the top side for gravure printability with the mineral oil barrier on the reverse side.

Algro Guard M and Leine Guard M protect packaged food from mineral oil compounds that are a complex mixture of saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and unsaturated hydrocarbons (MOAH).This new mineral oil barrier functionality protect food for minimum 15 months; and as there is no use of PET or aluminium, it is a sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost effective material.

Efficient and sustainable substrate  

"The integrated solution of mineral oil barrier functionality combined with excellent heat sealing properties minimise converting process steps and considerably reduce costs in the supply chain." comments René Köhler, Product Group Manager Flexpack Sappi Fine Paper Europe.  In addition the integrated and recyclable paper grade solution is providing superior converting properties. Test have shown that the grades offering also a barrier against aroma and grease. As a result, Algro Guard M and Leine Guard M are highly efficient and sustainable mineral oil barrier packaging solutions for the food industry. Sappi Algro® Guard M and Leine® Guard M, will become commercially available beginning of June of 2014.